Paid Advertising

Our Paid Ad campaigns are tailored uniquely for your business goals and objectives.

The truth is that social media platforms have become ad platforms and in order to get the reach and impressions you are in search of, you need to invest in paid advertising. At Centric we leave no medium untapped and leverage social media boosts, Google Search Ads, Display, YouTube and Meta advertising to get your brand into the hands of your users.

Let us turn your budget into brand awareness, leads and conversions through a tried-and-tested paid advertising strategy.

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As always, we dig deep to understand your ultimate objectives. We hold those up against your budget and get busy devising and advising on which PPC strategy will best work for you.

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Competitor Research

We dig deeper still, learning your business from the inside out. We analyse your customers, their interests and search behaviours. We get to know your market and audience like our own so we can develop impactful, targeted solutions that deliver.

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The aim? Bang for buck – the best results within your budget. We take a holistic approach, leveraging all the necessary platforms so you can leave competitors in the dust.

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Campaign Setup

Once we’ve got your strategy waxed, we get busy with structure. Think: well-thought-out campaigns that centre scalability and efficiency, lower your cost per click, and provide clarity around what is and isn’t working.

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Ongoing testing, optimising and development

We don’t settle for a strategy that’s doing fine. We’re constantly workshopping to improve your campaigns. We refine, optimise, and build – ever-improving our tactics so your strategy grows with your business.


Let's get the best results possible for your business.

We deeply and impactfully understand the fundamental role Paid Advertising plays in landing your brand story and generating growth. And we’ve navigated the landscape long enough to know exactly how to do it in order to find the consumers you’re looking for, as well as those who are looking for you but might not know it yet. With a solid strategy, there’s no leaving things to hope, chance, or shots in the dark. There’s just targeted execution that results in positive ROI month after month.

Let's bring your project to life.

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