Prosperity Farm.

The Client

Prosperity Farm is the first cultivator to export medical cannabis out of Africa; a fundamental link in the global supply chain of premium medical cannabis. They deliver affordable, high-quality wellness to their clients while actively working to nurture the economy of local communities. We translated their purpose into a visual identity that tells a story and developed their website on the same principle.


Client Brief.

Prosperity Farm needed us to put a face to their cause, to create a visual identity that major players in the international medical cannabis industry would trust. They also asked for a beautiful, functional and buildable website complete with the ability to grow along with them.

The Strategy
& Result.

First, we found Prosperity Farm’s essence by embarking on an explorative distillation process that translates their fundamental mission into tangible creative assets. Their logo, for example, is so much more than just an icon. It is the sun and a seedling within a shield – a deep homage to Prosperity Farm’s flower, the prime Lesotho landscape that bears it, and the culture of the Basotho people that are so pivotal to the brand. For their brand colourway and patterns, we drew further still on Basotho culture. Using the palette of the iconic Basotho blankets, we created a cohesive visual identity that portrays every element of what makes Prosperity Farm, Prosperity Farm.

As for their website, we moved beyond just incorporating the carefully-chosen colourway into an aesthetic interface. We built their website for optimal functionality, considering the user experience at every turn and finding ways to optimise and innovate. And because this was a once-off project (we came, created and handed over), we made sure to produce a website that could be built and customised over time – growing as Prosperity Farm does.