Retail Capital.

The Client

Retail Capital works to grow the South African economy by empowering small-to-medium enterprise (SME) owners with unsecured & unrestricted business funding solutions. We handle their day-to-day social media management, campaign planning, social advertising and ad hoc graphic design.


Client Brief.

Retail Capital has trusted us with their social media management since 2017. They were looking for a digital provider to maintain their social media presence and develop engaging campaigns to resonate with their audience – both potential and existing. They also wanted to ensure growth and lead generation through social media paid advertising and organic content, as well as having a partner available for ad hoc design requests and digital advisory.

The Strategy.

Considering Retail Capital’s niche and the need to provide valuable resources and insight to their audience via socials, we began with detailed research into their competitors,  the South African SME sector as a whole and the challenges business owners face when it comes to cash flow.

When we manage your social media, we create a content plan that will add value to your audience. For Retail Capital, we entrenched ourselves in the small business funding sector in order to create content that South African entrepreneurs would find insightful, engaging and thought-provoking.

When it comes to social media paid advertising we use conversion objectives to ensure you meet your lead generation targets and remain front of mind.

The Result.

Generating 1000’s of leads and reaching 100,000’s of business owners, we continue to innovate and strive for improved results on a monthly basis. We form part of an integrated strategy with other agency partners to ensure optimal results for the client.